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Volleyball ground measurement according to FIVB


Volleyball, a captivating and fast-paced team sport, is characterized by its dynamic gameplay and strategic maneuvers. The precise measurements of a volleyball court and net are crucial in ensuring fair play and creating an optimal environment for exciting rallies. In this blog post, we will delve into the detailed measurements of a standard volleyball court and net, including the court size, net height, attack lines, and other essential markings. By understanding these measurements, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of volleyball and the significance of accurate court dimensions.

  1. Court Size: A standard volleyball court is rectangular and measures 18 meters (59 feet) in length and 9 meters (29.5 feet) in width. The court is symmetrical, divided into two equal halves by a vertical net positioned at the center.

  2. Net Height: The net, an integral part of volleyball, is set at a specific height to ensure fairness and challenge during play. For men's volleyball, the net height is 2.43 meters (7 feet 11.6 inches), while for women's volleyball, it is set at 2.24 meters (7 feet 4.2 inches). The net is tautly stretched between two vertical poles or supports, ensuring stability and maintaining its position throughout the game.

  3. Attack Lines: Attack lines, also known as attack boundaries or spiking lines, are marked on each side of the court. These lines are located 3 meters (9 feet 10 inches) away from the center of the net and help regulate player positions during offensive attacks or spikes. Players must approach their attacks from behind these lines to ensure fairness and safety.

  4. Service Line: The service line is positioned at the back of each half of the court, 9 meters (29.5 feet) away from the net. It marks the area from where the server must initiate their serve. Servers must remain behind the service line until the ball is contacted to maintain proper serving protocol.

  5. Center Line: The center line runs perpendicular to the net, dividing the court into two equal halves. It extends from the end lines to the net, serving as a reference point for player positioning during rotations and indicating the midline of the court.

  6. Antennas: Antennas are vertical rods or cylindrical devices attached to the outer edges of the net. They extend 80 cm (31.5 inches) above the net and serve as visual extensions of the sideline boundaries. Antennas help determine whether the ball has crossed the net within the boundaries during play.

Understanding the precise measurements of a volleyball court and net, including the court size, net height, attack lines, service line, center line, and antennas, is fundamental for players, officials, and fans of the sport. These measurements ensure fair play, strategic positioning, and adherence to the rules of the game. By appreciating these measurements, you gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of volleyball and the importance of accuracy and teamwork on the court. So, the next time you step onto a volleyball court or cheer from the sidelines, take a moment to admire the meticulously measured dimensions that contribute to the thrilling spikes, blocks, and teamwork that make volleyball an exhilarating sport.

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