Tubelessons Privacy Notice

Being a provider of world class education that caters to the need of a vast number of students and professionals, Tubelessons strives hard to safeguard the privacy of its students.

Our Privacy Principles:

We believe in providing privacy to our learners. This is why we have framed principles on which your commitment towards privacy stands. Here is the list of the laws that make us one of the best online education providers in the world.

  • We do not disclose your information to third party vendors. We respect your safety, and we take all possible steps to make you feel secure at our site. After all, we do not play with the trust of our students.
  • It is our pleasure to inform you that the students under 18 years of age would get admission with the help of their parents and guardians.
  • We take the protection of your information solemnly.
  • We do not sell products. Hence, we hope that your experience with us is worthwhile.

We collect information from integrated sources like Facebook and Google

If you wish to log into our website using Facebook and Google accounts, then we usually collect personal information related to your account. Quite interestingly, Tubelessons also has the facility to allow you share additional information that is already associated with your account.

Information obtained from other sources

We provide certain features that enable users to provide us information about you. It may also include Personal information. Usually, this happens when a parent or teacher decides to provide information about a registered student on our website.

Tubelessons utilizes the information in the following manners:

We utilize the obtained information to enhance services and properties

Tubelessons collects information to provide you with a more interactive experience on our site. For instance, we remember your recent activities and based on your current events we provide you learning suggestions that can be of great help to you. However, without your consent, we would never use any information. We would always ask from you before using your information.

We utilize the information to enable your participation in Tubelessons partnership arrangements

We do not share your information with third party organizations for their promotional and marketing use. You can permit us to share your information with other reliable educational providers who work in close association with us. On the other hand, if you participate in special programs, Tubelessons may collect personal information from you to facilitate those educational programs.

Another thing that you must note is that, we share information with third-party organizations only when you ask us to do so. For instance, if a non-profit organization is organizing a contest in the location you reside, we will send you the email notifying you about the competition. However, this information would be limited to purposeful use.

Our data retention policies

Until and unless we obtain a deletion request from your side, we retain the information provided by you.

Technical facts

To facilitate a high-quality experience and personalized learning, we usually use an array of technologies that automatically records technical information from your web browser. This may include web beacons, pixel tags or standard log files. It may also include your IP address and the device or browser through which you are surfing the internet. Our purpose of doing this is to make sure that we provide our users with real interactive teaching experience.

Interestingly, like most other sites, whether or not you are a registered member, we will send one or more cookies. In case you do not know what cookies are, they are small text files comprised of a string of alphanumeric characters. The cookies present in your web browser remember your activities on a website which in turn enables us to provide you with a personalized learning experience. Tubelessons may use both persistent cookies and session cookies. You should note that a session cookie vanishes automatically after you decide to close the web browser. On the other hand, a persistent cookie remains after you close your web browser.

How we transfer and share data?

Tubelessons take great care to protect your information. We do not sell information that we collect from our respected users. We also take great measures to restrict any disclosure of personal information related to our users.

Tubelessons will disclose information only when:

You request us to share data on social networking sites

Many of our present day users prefer to connect via the social networking platform. However, it is entirely optional. You can opt to log in to our site via your registered user name. But if you use social networking sites, then Tubelessons may share your data.

We will share data when law demands it

If the law requires us to share your information, then we are bound to do it. We are compliant with local laws, but if the law demands information about you, then we have to give in to the requirements of the law.


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